My Testimonial:

I have always been self conscious about my breast size, and having kinds only perpetuated the issue. I went from a size AA all my life to a DD with my kids, and then back down to a AA. To say the least, I had very saggy breasts that were all skin, with some stretch marks. I knew I wanted a breast augmentation, but I had to find the RIGHT doctor.

In my research, I set up three different consultations, with three different doctors in the Redlands and Riverside area. Dr. Rau was the first doctor I saw. His office staff was very welcoming and friendly. Once I met Dr. Rau, I immediately felt comfortable. He was very sincere, respectful, and professional. It can be uncomfortable taking your top off to a male doctor when you have never done so before.

It is evident that Dr. Rau truly cares about his patients. He took the tie to clearly explain the procedure and did measurements to see what would be right for MY body. He let me try on the different breast sizers, never losing patience with my indecisiveness and desire to keep trying sizes. At first I was apprehensive about him not telling me exactly the cup sizes the different implants would make me (which is nearly impossible anyway), but in the end, I am very glad he didn’t! My idea of my perfect cup size was different than what I chose, and am now very happy with. My skin is now filled out with very natural looking breasts, and my stretch marks are barely visible. Dr. Rau did a great job!

I would recommend Dr. Rau to any and all of my friends and family members should they feel surgery is right for them.