After losing 100 lbs I still had a huge tummy. I felt discouraged because there was nothing I could do to disguise it. I met with Dr. Rau and he explained the procedure in detail along with the possible risks. He was very understanding about my concerns and answered all my questions with patience and concern. And you couldn’t ask for a better staff. Kim and Clare are always encouraging, cheerful, fun to talk to. And most of all, in addition to the regular follow-up schedule Dr. Rau sets up, Kim and Clare follow-up to see how I am doing on a regular basis. I appreciate them very much.
This procedure was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It even scores higher than losing a lot of weight. My husband and friends tell me I am a different person. I look and act different and walk different. I have more confidence. I’ve been told I even look younger. I have a hard time deciding what to wear because I have so many new, cute clothes to choose from. I feel better about myself and as a result I take better care of myself. When my friends and co-workers first saw me after the surgery, they were astounded at how different I looked.
Thanks Dr. Rau to you and your wonderful staff. I couldn’t have chosen a better surgeon to do this procedure for me. And I don’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Rau to my friends…..they have seen the results.