Are the puffy bags under your eyes ruining the youthful beauty of your face? Undereye bags typically form when fat begins to accumulate in the lower eyelids as a result of the aging process. Fortunately, there is a simple surgical solution for the issue.

In order to restore the youthful and vibrant appearance of your eyes, excess fat must be removed or repositioned in the lower eyelids. A very small incision will be made along the lower lash line to allow for the removal or repositioning of the fat. This will also ensure that any post-surgical marks are undetectable. Some fat will be left in the area to prevent the appearance of hollowed eyes.

If you are looking for a highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your lower-eyelid surgery, contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Todd Rau. He can provide you with the natural-looking results you need.