Does the appearance of your thighs keep you from feeling comfortable in your swimsuit, shorts, or anything that exposes your legs? Excess loose skin and fat that gathers on the thighs can give them an uneven, wrinkled, and unattractive appearance, taking a toll on your self-confidence and comfort when you are out in public.

The thigh lift procedure can give you sleek and sexy-looking thighs that have a beautiful and natural appearance. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Todd Rau will make sure that the proper amount of excess skin and fat is removed from the thighs. Dr. Rau can provide you with your desired results while also ensuring that the proportions of your thighs remain balanced with the rest of your body.

A thigh lift can give you the self-confidence you need to look and feel good in any outfit you want to wear. If your thighs are in need of aesthetic enhancement, contact our office to schedule a consultation for your thigh lift procedure with Dr. Rau.