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As you age, the skin on your face and neck loosens and begins to wrinkle. This condition can be exacerbated by sun exposure, stress and pollutants, making you look older than you feel. Redlands, CA plastic surgeon Dr. Rau performs surgeries designed to make you look more youthful. Facial cosmetic surgery, including neck lift, can counteract the effects of aging.

Results from Neck Lift Surgery

A neck lift creates a visible improvement, refreshing your appearance and making you look younger. It may even add to your self-confidence.

Goals of Neck Lift Surgery

To achieve visible improvement in the neck, a neck lift surgery is performed. Often the changes in your appearance that come from loose skin, loss of muscle, or fatty deposits beneath the chin and jaw can be unwanted. Sometimes, your neck can make it look like you have a double chin. Dr. Rau seeks to correct these issues during a neck lift plastic surgery.

The reason why I chose Redlands Plastic Surgery and Dr. Todd Rau for my breast augmentation and breast lift was because he truly took the time to listen, address, and advise me with all the information I needed for surgery and to change my appearance in the way I desired. He guided me in the right direction.

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Neck Lift Details

Dr. Rau places the neck lift incision in front of the ear lobe. From there, it wraps behind the ear and is hidden the lower scalp. The contours of the neck hide the incision lines after healing.

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