Ear Reshaping Redlands

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Otoplasty, sometimes called ear pinning, reshapes the ears. This surgery is often performed on children after their ears are grown.

Results from Ear Reshaping Surgery

Ear reshaping surgery can make the ears smaller or bring them closer to the head. This cosmetic surgery is used to bring the ears into proportion with the face.

Goals of Ear Reshaping Surgery

Ear reshaping, also known as otoplasty, is a surgical procedure for recontouring the ears. Otoplasty is most commonly performed on children. Older children and adults can also choose to have this procedure. Redlands plastic surgeon Dr. Rau is dedicated to hearing your goals and your concerns and making sure you understand the details of otoplasty.

Ear Reshaping Details

The ear reshaping incision is made just behind the ear, right where it joins to the head. California plastic surgeon Dr. Rau cuts away the cartilage and skin necessary to bring about the desired result. Sometimes, Dr. Rau shapes the cartilage of the ear and pins it into place using permanent sutures.

In some cases, Dr. Rau does not remove any cartilage. He just uses stitches to hold the cartilage in place. During the healing process, sutures are used to hold the cartilage in the desired shape after Dr. Rau has sculpted it.

Cost of Ear Reshaping

The cost of a Ear Reshaping will depend on several factors. The price can be affected by body type, type of technique performed, surgical complications, and even allergies. Find out more by scheduling a consultation or clicking our pricing guide.